2016 Election: Who are you voting for?

07 Jun 2016 Election: Who are you voting for?

By Terio Ruiz

The Movement recently talked with community members at Solid Rock Missionary Church on 83rd Street & Broadway and at Smart & Final on Vermont & 82nd Street.

Donald Trump’s victory in Indiana cleared the field for him to become the Republican nominee. But Senator Bernie Sanders’ unexpected victory in the same state means that the June 7  California primary will finally determine the Democratic contest between Sanders and current frontrunner, Secretary Hillary Clinton.

The presidential primary season has been extraordinarily polarized, raucous and unexpected. Upstarts Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have stretched the political choices available way beyond the norm, and incited strong emotions for and against. Although the California contest is not yet in full gear, street protests and voter mobilizations have already been held, and many more are expected.

“Our vote is like our voice. We need to show up in numbers to make our voice count. I am looking at Hillary Clinton. Her views and stance are defined. She’s been in the political scene for a very long time. She has a lot of views that encompass our families. She has the values and the morals and the principles that we need to build upon.”

“Every individual has different ideals. The candidates [fight] about what they want to change. If Donald Trump is chosen, everybody will be outraged. He’s already made a lot of rude remarks about Mexicans.”

“You know, Obama [had] two good terms. But I don’t feel like the people trying get in office right now have our best interests at heart. I would have to vote for Hillary by default. She definitely has more room to be compassionate towards Latinos and Blacks.”

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