Aaron Gonzales

“I migrated to Los Angeles from Mexico City in 1991 seeking the American dream. I started working in construction and began to see the injustices that immigrant communities faced. They often did not get compensated for hours worked, overtime, and benefits. Workers faced discrimination, intimidation and received no respect. It was then that we decided to organize ourselves and win changes”.

Aaron Gonzalez’ passion for social justice began when he started working as a janitor at SEIU Local 1877 in 1999. He was part of the janitorial strike in 2000 and understood that by organizing you could win fair and respectable wages. Aaron then became a shop steward, and member of the                 executive board. In 2006 he joined SEIU-USWW as an organizer. Before joining Community Coalition in 2013, he worked at Sol and Good jobs LA where he lead political and community campaigns.