Building Civic Power

People Power through Mass Civic Action

“Voting is the foundation stone for political action.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Los Angeles suffers from severe inequality. While the 1% has tried to holdback equality, everyday people have successfully come together to advance a more equitable future for our communities. South Los Angeles voters and residents are in a position to be an anchor of progressive change for the region. Through voting, civic activism, and the involvement of tens of thousands of everyday people, a united coalition of African Americans and Latinos will create a better Los Angeles for all.


Voters Contacted This Year


There are more than 189,232 voters in South Los Angeles. While 85% of the voter-eligible population was registered to vote in 2010, only 39% of voters turned out in the general election. This needs to change… and that change has already begun.

To date, Community Coalition has contacted over 40,000 voters in South Los Angeles. Due to our voter engagement efforts, our neighborhoods vote at nearly twice the rate of the county average. Our task is to mobilize tens of thousands of African-American and Latino voters to the ballot box. We know that a community that votes, is a community that will be heard.


Community Coalition believes that youth have a very powerful voice in this country .  This is why we have joined the Y-Vote movement to work alongside young voters to reshape the future of California.

Currently, we are working on a campaign to build a movement of young, active citizens who are informed, empowered and equipped to participate in this November election. There are more than 4 million potential young voters of color in California who could have a big impact in this election and reshape our future.


Community Coalition recognizes that transforming our communities requires building alliances committed to advancing equity.  This is why we have joined the We Are California campaign to build a statewide alliance of voters who believe in equality, fairness, and justice.

Currently, we are working on a campaign to add more funding to education by taxing the wealthy, bring more money to health care with a cigarette tax, begin criminal justice reform by preventing criminalization of Black and Latino youth, provide more local jobs, and create more affordable housing in our community.

Together, we have already successfully passed two ballot measures (Prop 30 and Prop 47) making California a better place to live for all people.