Melanie Kimes

“From the words of James Baldwin, ‘to be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time’. These words define my reasons of wanting to create a young agitated conscious culture that works every day to fight against the constant disinvestment of black and brown people. I want students to be enraged so they aren’t comfortable with the current life they are living.”

Melanie Kimes was born and raised in the sunny streets of South LA. She attended UC Berkeley with a double major in African American Studies and Sociology. Months after graduation, Melanie was blessed to find employment at an organization that fights for the people who live in her neighborhood. For over a year Melanie has worked as a Youth Organizer working to develop educated black and brown students into leaders that create impactful change in their schools and their communities. Melanie is also a devoted fan of dancing, karaoke, musicals and Bobby Brown.