November 2016 Election

Volunteer for our “Power to the Polls” Effort

Mobilizing South L.A. Voters

South Los Angeles was once a thriving community with strong schools, good jobs, and safe neighborhoods. Over the past few decades, we have seen disinvestment from our city officials, increased surveillance by law enforcement, and a decline in job opportunities.

There is too much at stake in this election. This November, California voters will determine what action is taken regarding important issues such as education, criminal justice, jobs, housing, and healthcare.

We want the voices of South L.A. voters to be heard, but we cannot do it without you. It is imperative that we get out and vote this November, so together we can begin to build a safer, stronger South L.A.

Our children, family members, and neighbors are urgently counting on our vote. We must stand together as a community and make our voice heard!

Make sure you register to vote here!