3 WINS Fitness Program

Exercise your options today by joining 3 WINS Fitness’ FREE exercise and fitness classes right in your neighborhood! No matter what level you arrive with, you will receive personalized support from highly trained instructors that know how to make fitness fun.

From 10:30-11:30AM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at Helen Keller Park and Martin Luther King Recreation Center, dozens of South LA residents, young and old, have been able to engage in physical exercise, as well as learn more about the importance of nutrition and healthy eating, for free. The program is open to ages 18 and up, available to all fitness levels, and instruction taught in both English and Spanish!

Members of the 3 WINS Fitness exercise program leave with a yearning to move, a boost of self-confidence, and the empowerment to improve their personal quality of life, as well as the health of their community.

“I have had two knee replacements and the 3 WINS fitness program has helped me relieve pressure from my joints. After I go workout at the park, I don’t feel tired, I feel more energized, and I think everyone should join this program so that they can take care of themselves and their families.”

– Maria Vidal, South LA Resident

Reshape Our Communities

As a result of decades of disinvestment in community resources such as grocery stores, health facilities, and recreational spaces, South Los Angeles residents have the highest rate of individuals who are obese or suffer from diabetes or heart disease in LA County.

Since 1990, Community Coalition has worked in partnership with residents, service providers, and public agencies to improve community conditions that have a direct impact on the mental and physical health of youth and adults living in South LA.

This is why in 2014, Community Coalition teamed up with several partners to identify funding to support collaboration between organizations to create solutions that reverse South LA’s poor health conditions. The collaboration of partners was successful in securing a three-year grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (R.E.A.C.H.) program.

The project that followed, later named “Reshape Our Communities,” is an attempt to combine existing resources (e.g. public parks and health facilities) with cross-organizational collaboration to create more opportunities for South LA residents to have access to health resources and fitness programs so that can lead healthier lives.

See How Our Reshape Partners Work In Collaboration

“Our health education program, “Healthy U”, is great because it gives us information on how to eat better and detox effectively without spending a lot of money. Now I know how to read food labels and check for serving sizes.”

– Onamia Bryant, South LA Resident

Our Reshape Partners

The Reshape Our Communities program is an example of inter-organization collaboration for positive community health change. Collaborating organizations include.

LACDPH provides assistance in the areas of research and data in the areas of public safety, recreational spaces, and health resources. The LACDPH is also instrumental in facilitating partnerships between different organizations in the Westmont community.

APUU promotes public safety through gang intervention strategies. This group was instrumental in the design of the Safe Passage to Parks program at Helen Keller Park in the Westmont/West Athens community. Safe Passages to Parks is a program that ensures community residents are able to travel to and from parks and utilize park resources safely.

R.A.C.E is charged with the execution of the Safe Passage to Parks program at Helen Keller Park in the Westmont/West Athens community. Their intervention workers serve as first responders to incidents of safety, and are effective in ensuring residents access Helen Keller’s resources with ease and safely.

St. John’s provides health insurance enrollment and health education throughout Los Angeles and is accessible to the community via its network of 14 community and school-based health centers and mobile health van. The program works when clinicians prescribe patients free to low-cost exercise programs that help individuals with weight management, diabetes, and high blood pressure management, among other health conditions.

T.H.E. also provides health insurance enrollment and health education resources via its network of six clinics in South Los Angeles. Working in conjunction with its largest clinic site located on Western Avenue, T.H.E. delivers the Park Prescriptions program to its patients and for residents living within the King Estates neighborhood of South LA.

Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches conduct outreach strategies. Disseminating information regarding the Reshape Our Communities program through its network of faith-based communities in the Westmont and King Estates.

Headed by Dr. Cheryl Grills, LMU-PARC oversees the research and program evaluation process for the Reshape Our Communities program. Their knowledge and work helps inform program success and areas where the program can be strengthened.

As a one of the available exercise options provided for the Park Prescription program, 3 Wins Fitness (formerly 100 Citizens) is a free structured exercise program offered at Helen Keller Park (Westmont/West Athens) and Martin Luther King Jr. Park (King Estates). 3 Wins Fitness programming is lead by Kinesiology students from California State University, Northridge – where the program was founded.