Transforming Our Neighborhoods

    Our Approach

We advocate for smart and effective crime-reduction strategies that focus on prevention, and alter the social and environmental conditions that foster crime. Through our public safety campaigns, we have closed or cleaned up hundreds of liquor stores and nuisance businesses that serve as magnets for crime and addiction in our neighborhoods. We have reduced youth and gang violence by developing innovative prevention programs and pushed for public investments to transform parks into safe and healthy public places in our communities. Our work to empower everyday residents to come together, find solutions, and lead the change in their community is at the core of this approach.

“Community Coalition has taught us how to raise our voice, fight hard for what we want, and stand our ground for what we believe.”

– Karla Acosta, Community Leader 

    Targeting Our Efforts

The sheer size of South L.A. (sixty square miles) and its dense population of nearly one million residents can dilute the impact of positive changes and community victories. Starting in 2007, we began to explore ways to build our power by focusing our grassroots organizing and crime prevention strategies in targeted neighborhoods. The goal was to bring transformative changes that residents could see and feel. In 2008 we launched our neighborhood organizing efforts in King Estates, and since that time we have expanded to four additional neighborhoods. Utilizing a place-based approach, plant seeds of change, from which transformation can flourish across South L.A.