Happy Women’s History Month!

01 Mar Happy Women’s History Month!

Women’s History Month began in 1982 as “Women’s History Week on March 7, 1982. Five years later, the week focusing on women’s contributions to this country was expanded to a month-long celebration thanks to the National Women’s History Project’s petitions. Molly Murphy MacGregor, Mary Ruthsdotter, Maria Cuevas, Paula Hammett, and Bette Morgan founded the National Women’s History Project (now Alliance) in 1980 and are largely credited for being the founders of Women’s History Month.

This year’s theme is “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope”–both a tribute to the committed work of caregivers and frontline workers during this ongoing pandemic and also a recognition of the thousands of ways that women of all cultures have provided both healing and hope throughout history. So join us in celebrating the phenomenal women in our community!

In keeping with the theme, President Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court is definitely promoting hope. After a thorough and rigorous process with input from Senators of both parties and legal experts, President Biden has chosen Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. According to Spencer Overton, President of The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has a proven track record of attracting bipartisan support in the Senate. She’s been confirmed three times on a bipartisan vote – and there’s no reason not to expect the same as she is now considered for the Supreme Court.

“It’s long overdue that a Black woman serves on the Supreme Court and is in a bipartisan tradition to ensure the richness of our country is represented in its leadership and on the highest Court,” says Overton.  

Biden nominates Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme Court

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