Kirk Samuels

Kirk is responsible for developing and implementing outreach strategies that inform and motivate residents of South Los Angeles to develop and use their political power to effect change. With an unprecedented year of opportunities for civic engagement beginning in 2020, Kirk has crafted CoCo’s strategic plan for outreach workers to execute various campaigns as well as developed relationships with other organizations to increase voter turnout and Census participation in South L.A. Kirk also cultivates external partnerships in an effort to build a broader base of civic power to progressively impact the conditions of the community.

Kirk joined Community Coalition as a volunteer in 2015 and began working full-time with the organization shortly thereafter. Being directly impacted by the dire conditions and injustices of South Los Angeles, he developed a deeply rooted connection with social justice and wanted to be part of the positive change he wished to see in his community. Kirk has led numerous programs focused on educating thousands of voters on ballot measures, initiatives and propositions that positively affect the community.

Fun Fact:  My favorite pastime is traveling and exploring museums.