17 Mar LA City Council Urges Full Funding for Prop. 47


Community residents testify at LA City Council hearing in March in support of motion to increase Prop. 47 savings.

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed a resolution introduced by Councilmembers Marqueece Harris-Dawson and Joe Buscaino on March 1 urging the state to fully fund Proposition 47, the major criminal justice reform measure passed by California voters in 2014.

The funding controversy was stirred by Gov. Jerry Brown whose budget proposal cuts funding for Proposition 47 from the original $150 million to only $29 million.

“Proposition 47 is saving the state millions in reduced prison and other costs, but if we don’t uphold the law and reinvest that money in our local communities, we are setting ourselves up for failure,” says Harris-Dawson.

Buscaino added, “we are calling on the state to fully fund the promise it made to voters and make Proposition 47 what voters intended it to be: not only the reduction of some felonies to misdemeanors, but also significant funding for alternative programs to help break the cycle of petty theft and drug abuse.” 

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