Make L.A. Whole

The Make L.A. Whole Coalition partners include Community Coalition, The Brotherhood Crusade, InnerCity Struggle, SEIU Local 2015, SEIU Local 99, Black Women for Wellness, and Catalyst California (formerly Advancement Project California). The Make L.A. Whole Coalition was created to respond to the exacerbated socioeconomic inequities in a way that recognizes the need for meaningful budgetary investments to address houselessness, housing insecurity, the economic downturn, and the ongoing conditions created by decades of divestment in our communities. Most importantly, MLAW was built as a direct investment for women, children, and families.

During the last two budget cycles, the MLAW Coalition worked with then-Mayor Eric Garcetti and the LA City Council to invest $170 million in community priorities shaped by residents across the City. The newly funded programs and initiatives focused on job creation, housing security, protection, public safety, guaranteed income, food security, childcare, and youth investment.  In 2023, many of the eviction protections that were enacted during the pandemic have now ended and now millions are behind on their rent and at risk of eviction. The Make L.A. Whole Coalition is doubling down on our commitment to address equity within the City’s budget. We are deeply concerned and committed in protecting vital community programs, distributing resources equitably, and increasing budget transparency.

The MLAW Coalition Priorities Are As Follows:

    1. Protect and Grow Vital Community Programs
      We are calling for the funding for community programs created during the last two fiscal years to be prioritized. The Seniors Meal Program, food assistance, rental assistance, utility assistance, public safety, and childcare assistance programs are critical for the livelihood of vulnerable communities that depend on the continuation and expansion of these programs.
    2. Equitable Resource Distribution
      As funds and resources to support the recovery and livelihood of Angelenos across the City are being allocated, we demand that the City distribute these resources to communities most in need of being supported first.We ask the City to adopt an Equity Needs Index that measures the highest needs areas and is responsive to Angelenos with the greatest unmet needs.
    3. Further Budget Transparency
      We demand greater budget transparency regarding the City’s budget allocations.The current budget reporting systems need to provide more information to the public in an easily understood manner. We demand a clear-cut way to see where dollars are being concentrated and how those funding decisions are made.

Join us on Saturday, April 22nd at 10 am at Community Coalition as the Make L.A. Coalition hosts its Budget Equity Town Hall to center the priorities of Black and Brown communities in the City of LA during the upcoming city budget cycle.