The Power of the LatinX Vote – The Vote for Inclusion

22 Oct The Power of the LatinX Vote – The Vote for Inclusion

Voting is a way to debunk the narrative of “Other” that the current administration tapped into from the beginning of its campaign and throughout the present presidential term. Many don’t want “la raza” to vote because it will give us the seat at the table that many have denied even exists for us. Go get that dusty hidden chair from the basement and demand a spot at the table of “the” people, for “the” people, and by “the” people. Rise up and vote.

How backward, and in need for healing, are they that were taught in such a way that makes them tell a Native American to go back to Mexico, or to call the police on two native American brothers on a college tour because they look “Hispanic and did not belong.” How ignorant are you if you do not know that we share Native American Family Language trees across the Americas? How will the hate and misleading narrative of “not belonging” ever end? By VOTING!

No wall, no caravan, no portrayal of us as criminals, as professed by white supremacists, will stop us from voting. We will vote as Americans with the right to vote, regardless of the color of our skin and who our ancestors are. If you want to stop the obvious racial profiling and where it stems from, it is time to do something about it.

Voting is access to change, one step at a time. VotaVote someone into office that does not profess division with campaigns of “divide and conquer” which are as old as time.  Vote for propositions and people that will make it better for all communities, especially those of color. Vote for people who don’t just have the words but will follow through with action. Vote for quality education and not for people who show their ignorance and spread propaganda. This vote means so much.

In the spirit of empowering people to vote and pushing back on the weaponization of culture, ethnicity, and identity, help spread this message. Mi lucha es tu lucha. Mi país es tu país. Vota. Let’s make it loud and clear at the ballot box that we belong, that our chair has been dusted off and that we demand to be recognized at the table.

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