Oscar Alvarez

Growing up in South Central, Oscar became aware of the many social and economic injustices that disproportionately affect his community. As an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley, he became involved in multiple student advocacy groups that addressed those same disparities. Motivated by his upbringing and community involvement, Oscar created his own curriculum through the American Studies Department, analyzing how the creation and implementation of policies have historically shaped the socioeconomic conditions of communities of color.

Oscar has had the honor of participating in national programs like the Public Policy and International Affairs Fellowship, the University of California Washington Program, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund Policy Fellowship, and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. In 2018, he became an Inaugural Fellow for Community Coalition’s Organizing Fellowship.

As a Community Organizer for the South Central by South Central campaign, Oscar works with community members to ensure developments accurately reflect the changes needed to improve the South LA built environment, all while preventing the displacement of local residents.  Overall, he is committed to uplifting the voices of South LA residents to ensure that they themselves achieve meaningful and transformative policy changes for their community.

Fun Fact: Although he is not a fan of running, Oscar has always dreamed of running the LA Marathon. He hopes to gain courage and accomplish this goal sometime within the next 15 years!