Courtney Nunley

Born and raised in Compton while busing to schools on the Westside, Courtney quickly saw the huge, intentional disparity in resources between her own community and her school. Seeing that and growing up in a service-oriented family with nurses, therapists, and addiction counselors, she felt energized to serve and help achieve equity in Black and Brown communities. Courtney graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies and as an Education Studies Scholar. During her time there, she worked as a freshman counselor, teacher, researcher, youth program coordinator, and at an African American cultural center. Her undergraduate years were also when she began to get involved in activism, particularly around defunding schools and local police departments.

After graduating, she spent a year teaching elementary school in the Bay Area. Now, Courtney is excited to be back in LA, organizing and supporting Black and Brown youth.

Fun fact: Courtney is a HUGE fan of Marvel movies.