Glauz Diego

Glauz’s long history with Community Coalition began in 1998 as a member of the organization’s youth program. As a youth leader, he was involved in campaigns that exposed LAUSD’s failure to provide adequate counselors and college prep courses to South LA Schools. After graduating from Cal State LA with a B.A. in Graphic Design, Glauz returned to Community Coalition to merge his passion for design and social justice. In 2010 he played an integral role in leading Community Coalition’s marketing and rebranding campaign. Glauz has also created impactful infographics that have gone viral and been published by PBS, Upworthy,, and Forbes,

Community Coalition’s Art + Culture Department curates year-round cultural programming that is designed to accelerate mass participation, win policies, and build a mass movement for racial justice. As the Director of Arts + Culture, Glauz is responsible for leading the organization’s overall art and culture strategy, producing high impact cultural events and connecting artists, influencers, and the community with CoCo’s campaigns to uplift our work. Arts + Cultural Programs are an essential strategy in our “theory of change” that seeks to raise awareness of vital community conditions among residents while encouraging and increasing civic participation.

Fun Fact: Glauz enjoys playing golf and soccer in his spare time.