Kamani Harris

Kamani Harris, whose pronouns are she, her, hers, is a Los Angeles native who spent most of her upbringing in both Los Angeles and Compton. From an early age, she began questioning and critiquing systems (such as the public education system) that upheld inequity, perpetuated white supremacy and harmed the Black and Latinx community. Her curiosity and systems analysis, partnered with her huge imagination, caused her to dream of a world in which her community is truly free from oppressive systems.

As she grew older, she went to college and had other opportunities, like Community Coalition’s Organizing Fellowship, that shaped her political and racial lense. These experiences also helped her gain the skills, knowledge, leadership, and confidence necessary to not only be a leader, but also a full-time community organizer. Kamani loves the work she does which is focused on developing leaders in the community, centering their voices, and helping shift power so that community members can win equitable change for themselves and for the generations to come.

Fun Fact:  Kamani is a huge Sci-Fi and comic fan. She also enjoys photography, art, and writing in her free time.