Kamani Harris

Kamani Harris is a Compton native who has been organizing for four years now. They started organizing through Community Coalition’s second Community Organizing fellowship back in the summer of 2019. Before that, Kamani spent several years working in education.

After the fellowship, Kamani was hired full-time as a Community Organizer and became the Lead Community Organizer. During their tenure at Community Coalition, Kamani was in charge of a team of outreach workers who supported CD8’s Destination Crenshaw Initiative for 2 months. They then organized members to get active and transform the built environment of South LA through CoCo’s Nuisance Abatement work. In addition, Kamani played a critical role in CoCo’s 2021 vaccination efforts across South Central. They led the execution of the community engagement strategy, which resulted in thousands of South LA residents gaining access to Covid-19 vaccines.

Kamani then worked with a Black Feminist institution focused on developing the Black Feminist lens of Women and Gender-Non Forming (GNC) folks impacted by incarceration. During their time on the Campaign and Policy team, they helped to organize women and GNC individuals returning home from jail, partnered in the coordination and execution of the 2022 Los Angeles Black Mama Bailout Rally, provided direct support and organizing training to two mothers who were bailed out, organized court support for women which resulted in the early closing of both cases, prepped and organized over 30 members for lobby trips and delegation visits in Sacramento, and partnered in the execution of Campaign School. This 2-month program trained members in campaign strategies, tactical planning, organizing, and more.

In February of 2023, Kamani returned to CoCo to take on the role of Community Organizing Manager and is now the Senior Lead Community Organizer. In their present position, they offer assistance, guidance, and direction to the organizing team, lead, and ensure the execution of the organizing strategies. Kamani additionally assumes a significant role in the leadership development of CoCo members through the co-creation and execution of the 3-month organizing training program called the People’s School. Moreover, they are leading the organizing strategy for CoCo’s Community Gatherings to increase recruitment and ensure that residents inform future campaign demands.

Fun Facts: Kamani loves all things gardening/farming and therefore spends most of their time in nature. Their favorite author is Zora Neale Hurston, and they are a triple virgo ✨