Annetta Wells

Annetta Wells is the Statewide Deputy Political Director for SEIU 2015, the nation’s 2nd largest labor local representing over 400,000 long-term care workers.

She rises daily with a charge to advocate and fight for everyday people who are continually marginalized, underrepresented, overlooked, underpaid, and underserved. She dares to actualize a California where the rights of workers are protected, and ensuring that every election bends the arc towards justice by helping to elect champions and passing legislation that puts people first! Annetta’s passion for politics stems from her extensive history in the social justice movement, which dates back years before she could legally vote.

Joining Community Coalition marked the genesis and development of her political lens. During this time, Annetta fought to transform schools and address the economic and social conditions of the community she was raised, which fostered crime, addiction, poverty, and abuse. She built on her foundational work as a youth activist at Community Coalition to focus on achieving progressive, long-term tax, and fiscal policy reform by engaging underrepresented, low-income voters in public policy decision-making.

Justice is the drumbeat of Annetta’s drive to gain wins that lessen the ever-present income inequality gap, reverses the prevention of fair housing policies, and achieves real social and economic reforms that dismantle systemic and structural racism practices hindering the equitable quality of life that communities of color deserve.