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Nearly 40% of California youth of color have taken part in a march, rally or protest in the past year. Even more importantly, young people of color are determined to demonstrate their power at the ballot box, with 64% saying they plan to vote. Overall, 80% of young people think it’s more important to vote in this election compared to the previous presidential election.—Power California Youth Poll (2020)

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Edna Chavez @ March for Our Lives Rally in Washington D.C.

South Los Angeles experienced terrible disinvestment leading up to the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980’s. Youth in South Los Angeles during this time were perceived as a “Lost Generation,” unable to be saved from the repercussions of crack cocaine on families, schools and communal infrastructure.

South Central Youth Empowered thru Action recognized the patterns of oppression experienced by Black and Brown people, that were replicated in their schools. They collectively made the decision to create conditions to build power for academic and social emotional resources necessary to respond to the systemic conditions they faced.

Be the Change You Wanna See:
Get Involved in SCYEA


Create lasting change in your community alongside other South LA youth. Learn South LA history and empower yourself and others to take political action through meeting with decision makers,peers and parents. Gain more resources for your school like books, psychiatric social workers, mental health resources, gardens, etc.


Learn about different college and career pathways and how to navigate higher education learning institutions as Black and Brown youth. We offer a multitude of academic services such as one on one academic counseling sessions, goal setting, college application workshops, essay writing assistance, academic tutors, college alumni panels, college and career fairs and many more! We believe that all South Central youth should have the resources and the opportunity to attend college and have the career of their choice.


Strengthen your mental fortitude through wellness circles, and peer-led meetings. Members take an annual wellness retreat to Big Bear and also attend conferences about the mental state of Black and Brown youth in the United States. More resources are available through our mental health network.

*We do not offer direct mental health services

Local & National Youth Conferences

South LA Youth participate in statewide and national discourse around political organizing strategy that emphasizes and uplifts the youth experience. Youth are able to meet other young people who are equally invested in developing and practicing their political power.

College Tours

Attend college tours to explore different options that aren’t limited to four-year universities. Youth get to learn about UC’s, Cal States, Community Colleges, and HBCU’s.
Youth get to travel and visit Historically Black Colleges and Universities and learn more about the history of institutions and resources on campus that will support them as Black and Brown scholars.

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