The People’s School

[2023 SPRING SESSION: April to June]

WHAT IS IT: People’s School is community organizing training for Black and Brown residents to build community with others, become a civic leader, and help transform the social and economic conditions impacting South LA.


      • Black and Brown residents in South Central are being disproportionately impacted by the housing and homelessness crisis. With the cost of living increasing, corporate landlords targeting our community through exploitative practices, and inadequate resources to get people housed in our community we must come together and fight in order to improve our conditions. 
      • Join Community Coalition’s People’s School to strengthen your understanding of the current issues, help to inform solutions, and gain the skills necessary to organize your community in order to drive a progressive agenda that will improve the conditions for us all


      • A community of like minded powerful leaders fighting for change in South Central with shared values and politics
      • Deeper understanding of the current issue as it relates to housing/houselessness and its implications for Black and Brown people in South Central 
      • Deeper understanding of how to navigate our city structure and create impact in the city budget process in order to create change
      • Stronger ability and confidence in talking about the current issue and campaign while connecting it to your personal and collective stories
      • Organizing skills that are proven to be effective in creating lasting change through 30 years of movement work

Commitment to participate in at least 5 out of the 7 trainings. Volunteer for at least 5 activities during the program. For example, phonebanking, sharing public testimony, etc.

We will provide the following  support to ensure participants are able to be present physically and mentally. These supports are:

      • Transportation
      • Childcare
      • Dinner/Lunch during sessions
      • Interpretation

In addition to the support, Community Coalition will provide participants with grocery gift cards, opportunities for community events and giveaways, and a certificate for completing the program. In addition, the trainings give members a deeper dive into civic activities such as:

City Hall 101: This training focuses on knowing the current institutional, positional, and relational power players to utilize people power and win campaigns.

Budget 101: The training breaks down the importance of L.A.’s city budget in creating positive community change.

Problem & History of Housing/Houselessness: Participants will get a historical overview of the housing crisis in Los Angeles and how it is connected to the current housing/houselessness issue in South Los Angeles.

Interested in joining the Peoples’ School?
Contact Kamani Harris at