Brian Walker

Briana Walker completed her undergraduate degree at Chapman University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Peace Studies with a minor in Business Administration. She focused on exploring the cultural intersections between race and religion in college, mainly as a Docent at the Fish Interfaith Center. The commitment was recognized when she was approached to serve as a teaching assistant for Chapman’s first course on Critical Race Theory. This invaluable experience eventually formed the basis of her capstone thesis. Briana effectively utilized her academic studies and extracurricular engagements as platforms to facilitate meaningful discussions, raise awareness, and ignite action on various social issues encompassing race, religion, and systemic inequalities; all while doing so through a lens of compassion with mediation and conflict resolution. Briana was honored with the Don Will Award for Student Organizing, recognizing her exceptional skills and dedication to organizing and mobilizing others. This prestigious accolade exemplifies her remarkable efforts in bringing people together and effecting positive change. She hopes to bring that commitment and attention to detail to Community Coalition.

Fun Fact: My day of birth is Juneteenth ✊🏾