A Landmark for South LA

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Building a Permanent Community Institution for Change

We have embarked on an ambitious $5 million renovation project to give our headquarters a much-needed facelift and transform our space into a state of the art community center and landmark for South LA!

Together, over the past 25 years, we have worked hand-in-hand to improve our community and fight for the changes we want to see.  We are in this exciting position of growth and change because of YOU.  Whether you have given your time, your expertise, your money, your blood, sweat and tears – or all of these things! – your participation has made Community Coalition what it is today: a grassroots organization well on its way to establishing a community institution.

As you may know, Community Coalition became homeowners in 2011 when we purchased our building and the land it sits on.  Now, after three years of fundraising and planning, we have started construction on a project that will create an inviting, efficient and vibrant space that reflects our values of collaboration and innovation.

We need your support to fund this state of the art community space that our community can be proud of. Your generous support will exponentially increase the organization’s capacity to serve the community, and will impact South LA families for years to come. The newly renovated headquarters will be a shining example of the kind of community-centered development that will continue to help transform South LA.

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The building will provide a high-tech conference rooms, a state-of- the-art kitchen, a volunteer center, and will accommodate over 400 people each week who are working to strengthen education, health and human services in South Los Angeles.