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November 03, 2022
The housing affordability and homelessness crisis in Los Angeles is the culmination of decades of racist housing policies that have separated and pushed out Black renters and homeowners—from redlining to Los Angeles’ strategy for how it places freeways. The fixes should be coming from inside City Hall—but as the leaked City Council conversations reveal, those in power, who have the most ability to address our history and make changes that can benefit us all, are more concerned with amassing their power.

LA Watts Times: Yes on ULA – This is What Community Looks Like

October 11, 2022
“Inside the Issues” host Alex Cohen speaks with President and CEO of Community Coalition Alberto Retana about what’s next for Los Angeles in the wake of racist remarks in leaked audio.

Spectrum News 1: What’s next for LA in the wake of racist remarks in leaked audio

October 13, 2022
There have been other difficult trials for the city’s Black and Latino residents, said community organizer Sylvia Castillo, who back in 1990 co-founded the Community Coalition with U.S. Representative and now-mayoral candidate Karen Bass.

LAist: How Black-Brown Unity In LA Can Survive City Council Racism Scandal


October 16, 2022
During that era, Sylvia Castillo, a Latina pediatric nurse, teamed up with her friend Karen Bass, a Black emergency room physician’s assistant. Castillo and Bass — now the front-runner in the city’s mayoral race — were heartsick about the way the drug was ripping through their community, particularly what it was doing to the children of drug-addicted parents. They began going door to door recruiting residents who wanted to organize to build better services for the neighborhood.

LA Times: L.A.’s Black-Latino alliance has always been fragile. Can it survive racist recordings?

October 13, 2022

The controversy engulfing the Los Angeles City Council has opened up long-simmering racial tensions in the city. After days of mounting pressure, the former leader of the Los Angeles City Council resigned her seat yesterday.

NPR: Embattled LA City Councilwoman Nury Martinez resigns her seat after racist comments

October 13, 2022

South LA has always had to fight to have its voice heard. And, it has been (and will be) no different on the issues of homelessness, displacement, and the right to live in communities in which we have grown up. 

LA Sentinel Newspaper: Not In Our South LA

August 5, 2022
The ongoing issue of gentrification in Los Angeles is no surprise to any of its local residents. Throughout the years, residents have seen the ins and outs of this issue facing some of the most disadvantaged communities.

LA Times: “It is no longer a city where you can raise your kids”: How SoFi Stadium changed Inglewood

April 29, 2022
The 1992 uprising that roiled Los Angeles put a spotlight on the socioeconomic injustice that bogs South L.A., bringing pledges of investment and community development.

Thirty years later, many families don’t have access to better jobs, grocery stores are still a rarity, and the investment that’s coming in is — primarily — making housing unaffordable.

LA Times: South L.A. was promised a resurrection after 1992. The new boom could leave many behind

April 27, 2022
Some longtime Black residents in South L.A. and its surrounding majority-Black cities resented the influx of Latinos that would radically transform the region in the coming decades. But Montes-Rodriguez didn’t think much of her neighbor’s comment until five days later, when she was in Washington D.C. at a youth leadership conference.

LA Times: Column: He was murdered during the L.A. riots. We can’t forget Latinos like him