Ernesto Rocha

Ernesto aka ‘undocubae’, is an organizer, storyteller, transformational coach and TEDx Speaker. He’s worked in student, labor and community organizing campaigns since 2006. Ernesto has led a successful worker organizing drives in the nursing home industry and most recently helped to win significant policy victories to raise the minimum wage in the City of Long Beach as well as curb wage theft in low wage industries like warehousing and port trucking. He is the co-founder of Cocoon Storytelling, a storytelling platform for people of color and recently delivered a TEDx Talk entitled, “I Am NOT My Status: An Undocumented Immigrant’s Perspective”. Ernesto holds a B.A.  from UCLA in Political Science and Chicana/o Studies.

Fun Fact: He once rescued and raised a pet Peking duck named Peipei, which is part of the reason he is now vegetarian.