Gerri Lawrence

Currently serving as CoCo’s Deputy Director of Advancement, Gerri works closely with the Executive Team to advance CoCo’s comprehensive development portfolio that includes public/private foundation grants and public contracts to support overall operations and long-term sustainability. Since joining CoCo in 2011, Gerri has grown through CoCo’s leadership pipeline to meaningfully contribute to efforts that have improved overall internal systems and practices for a stronger institution (board support, executive support, special events, etc.); Worked closely with the Executive Team to lead critical aspects of its $6 million capital campaign to transform CoCo’s headquarters into a state-of-the art civic hub, including providing insight/direction around design grounded in community input; Leveraged her creativity and talent as an artist to co-lead efforts to help grow CoCo’s cultural organizing strategies (artivism–arts+activism) through the execution of arts programming and pieces/installations. This includes serving as the lead artist for a community-driven collage commemorating the life of Trayvon Martin (2013) that was featured on the Calendar cover of the Los Angeles Times, and “Angels of the Movement” (2017), a powerful piece that was featured as part of a dynamic exhibit housed at CoCo that spoke to LA’s 1992 Civil Unrest, drawing national media attention. These contributions, among others, helped establish CoCo as a serious player in having the capacity to leverage art and culture to advance its mission.

In 2019, Gerri was chosen as a part of the inaugural Rockwood Institute’s Resource Leaders Fellowship Program. This competitive fellowship focused on 24 leaders across the Country whose primary role within institutions is to fundraise. It provided multiple leadership training modules, and explored the notion of “abundance”, rather than scarcity, as it relates to resourcing movement work. Leveraging this leadership investment, among others, Gerri serves as part of CoCo’s Collective Management Team to provide leadership to advance CoCo’s policy and program agenda, and efforts to cultivate staff growth and leadership across the organization to help strengthen the leadership pipeline within institutions for a stronger movement.

Fun Fact: Gerri goes by the same name as her dad, but isn’t a Jr.