Victoria Millet

Victoria grew up in Milwaukee, WI with her mom, dad, stepmom, sisters, and extended family. After graduating high school, she attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received her B.S. in Afro-American Studies; Human Development and Family Studies, and a minor in Criminal Justice. During her time in college, she was exposed to the harsh realities of anti-black racism that ignited her interest in social and racial justice. In response to living in an overwhelmingly white college town, she was able to intentionally cultivate a strong and loving community with her fellow Black students which opened her eyes to the power of community. Her years in college led her to pursue a Master’s in Social Welfare with a concentration in Social and Economic Justice at UCLA. In grad school, she was able to combine her passion for institutional change, collective and individual healing, which eventually brought her to CoCo as an MSW Intern. Following her internship, she joined the Art + Culture Department as an Art + Culture Project Coordinator. 

Fun fact: Victoria hosts her own podcast called Almost Holy.