Gerri Lawrence

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Pasadena, Gerri grew up with a voracious appetite for reading, creative writing and the visual arts. She studied Art and Education at UCLA and after graduation Gerri worked for both arts and educational non-profits. She unexpectedly found her niche working for a social justice nonprofit in South LA. Since joining Community Coalition’s staff in 2011, Gerri has supported multiple organizational efforts, including the growth of Community Coalition’s cultural organizing strategies and its capital campaign to renovate its headquarters. Gerri now serves as the Grants Director where she helps to raise funds through foundations and private institutions. As a member of the organization’s Collective Management Team, Gerri continues to support various organizational endeavors and is very excited about the organization’s increased cultural organizing efforts that are leveraging the arts to spur dialogue, shift the narrative and most importantly inspire people to take action.    

Fun Fact: Gerri goes by the same name as her dad, but isn’t a Jr.