In Case You Missed It Monday!

13 May In Case You Missed It Monday!

Community Coalition (CoCo), the Office of Community Partnerships and Strategic Communications (OCPSC), and CA’s Racial Equity Commission hosted a Meet & Greet last Wednesday, May 8, at CoCo’s headquarters. More than 80 attendees participated in discussions with youth and adult residents regarding enhancing mental/physical health and educational needs in South LA. 

The California Racial Equity Commission was created to recommend best practices and opportunities to address racial inequities facing historically underserved and marginalized communities. The Commission was established as part of Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-16-22, mandating state entities to embed and institutionalize racial equity strategies across their policies, programs, and initiatives. Community Coalition Board Member Dr. Manuel Pastor has been appointed to the Commission and opened up Wednesday’s meeting which was lived streamed on CoCo’s social media platforms. Fun, food (provided by SEIU 721), raffles, and gift cards added to a night of community building and connection. 

On May 9th, CoCo opened its 2024 Culture Cures Exhibit, “An Homage to Home!” 

This year,  Culture Cures explores how language and migrant traditions help shape the diversity, originality, and culture of South Los Angeles and the wider Los Angeles region as we know it.

The grand opening is presented through the production of a cultural history altar in partnership with LA-based artist el creativo and the Garifuna Museum of Los Angeles and the community are the purveyors of culture by sharing important artifacts from their own homes creating a tapestry of shared history and connection. “Homage to Home” provides multiple opportunities to learn about the experiences of Los Angeles residents and how they find or make their sense of home through cultural practices, stories, memories, and traditions.

This week there will be two community-centered events, a poetry/storytelling night, and a youth summit.  Hosted by the amazingly talented Sean Hill, the poetry night lineup will include music, free food, and performances by Benin Lemus, Tommy Domino, October BLU, Andy Sanchez, Jessica YELLAWOMAN Gallion, and Angela Aguirre, as well as an open mic for audience participation. Also, the “Emerging Leaders Youth Summit” will curate a special evening for South LA high schools, providing a platform for young minds to express their ideas in shaping a better future. The Youth Summit will feature an amazing panel, music, raffles, a 2000s-era photoshoot, and special performances by 2K the Clown. 

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