National Nonprofit Day

17 Aug National Nonprofit Day

Somewhere a volunteer reads to school children. At the same time, a patient receives steady medication. A lawyer provides legal services for low-income individuals.  Elsewhere, a first-time homebuyer moves into his own home. National Nonprofit Day (NND) reminds us that each of these scenes is possible thanks to the nonprofit sector. It’s the result of the work performed by capable people and organizations.

For more than 30 years, Community Coalition (CoCo) has worked with everyday residents to impact the material conditions of Black and Brown people living in South Los Angeles. From the corner of 81st and Vermont, CoCo has built a leadership pipeline that has continuously “stepped up” to reduce crime, poverty, and substance abuse through resident organizing, direct advocacy, and community support services in South LA. CoCo cultivates youth and adult leaders who organize community members to build safer neighborhoods, quality schools, and a robust social safety net in areas of Los Angeles that have suffered from generations of disinvestment. 

The activism of CoCo members and community residents has been a steadfast catalyst stimulating economic recovery in South LA for decades. The COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 uprisings, the recent economic downturn, and continuing climate injustices have laid bare the uphill battle faced by communities of color to secure/ensure equitable access to quality healthcare, education, housing, technology, public safety, jobs, green spaces, and economic opportunities. Now we find ourselves at a critical inflection point. 

Nonprofit and grassroots groups are stretched thin as we try to meet the material needs of the communities of color we serve while fighting to dismantle systems that do not help these same communities. The ongoing pandemic, coupled with the emerging changes in the economic landscape, have left high-need communities even more vulnerable to threats of economic, social, and health (both physical and mental) well-being than before the spread of COVID-19. After two long years of being virtual, we are excited to announce that Community Coalition’s 2022 People, Power, Progress Awards will take place IN-PERSON on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at The Ebell of Los Angeles!  Please mark your calendars and purchase your sponsorships and tickets here.

The People, Power, Progress Awards help us raise much-needed funds to support our work to transform South LA.  At this year’s event, we are pleased to recognize the following outstanding honorees who share our social justice values:

Also, we have a few surprises in store and need some additional time with you to share all of the exciting elements.  Event registration and reception will begin at 5:00pm. We know this is a bit earlier than usual, so please mark your calendars and plan ahead so you don’t miss any of the exciting festivities. Please purchase your tickets here today. Your contribution will help build the next generation of racial justice activists and assist us in winning economic, justice, and social campaign victories that will transform our communities and change the lives of thousands of South L.A. youth and families.

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