National Random Acts of Kindness Week

10 Feb National Random Acts of Kindness Week

While we’re so focused on the systemic changes worsened by the pandemic, we can forget how impactful small, everyday acts of kindness can be. They’re particularly important considering the constant efforts to divide communities of color and pit us against each other. 

Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 13-19, 2022  encouraging us to put kindness first and share it everywhere we go. The work to create a kinder world never ends. Besides making someone else’s day, studies show it can also make your day too–leading to more happiness, longer life, and more energy. 

One of the many things that’s beautiful about our resident leaders here at Community Coalition is their dedication to leading with kindness. As part of our values, CoCo elevates “thinking well and about each other,” and it has come to have so much more meaning as the pandemic continues. This has been an extraordinarily challenging time for our communities physically, emotionally, and spiritually. While some of it’s out of our control, what is in our control is the way we treat one another during this time of collective stress. 

In the spirit of National Random Acts of Kindness Week, we’ve put together a “5 Small Ways to Show Up for South LA in 2022.” 

Other small random acts of kindness that you can do include allowing someone into your lane when you’re driving, feeding a stranger’s meter, sharing a book, buying a coffee for the person behind you in line, making a donation to a friend’s favorite cause, or leaving your frontline restaurant serve double the normal tip. 

We believe that when we come together, great things happen. The key ingredient to coming together is leading with kindness. While “National Random Acts of Kindness Week” is just once-per-year, it’s an action mindset that’s available to us daily. These acts can significantly improve your mental health and deepen the relationships in your life.  

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