Residents Help Shut Down Vermont Liquor

16 Feb Residents Help Shut Down Vermont Liquor

Vermont Liquor

Longtime nuisance site Vermont Liquor, previously known as Lucky Liquor, recently closed its doors after nearly 20 years of community complaints and resident advocacy led to a revocation of the store’s alcohol permit in 2011. Located at 6102 S. Vermont, the liquor store was within blocks of John Muir Middle School and hundreds of youth would walk by it every day. Community Coalition members have been documenting problems at Vermont Liquor and its negative impact on public safety in the community since 1993. Residents at last got a liquor hearing with the L.A. City Planning Department in 2007. After the business failed to clean up, the zoning administrator revoked its permit in 2009. The business’ owners then sued the city in Los Angeles County Superior Court but eventually lost their case in late 2011, forcing Vermont Liquor to finally shut down.

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