South LA Youth Leaders Support Prop 15

27 Oct South LA Youth Leaders Support Prop 15

I’ve lived in South Central all my life, like most of the people here. I always believed that my education could have been better, my mom’s friends’ daughters were sent to a richer area in order to better their education. I was “stuck” in a place where no art classes were offered like mom’s friends’ daughter. I think this is a very common experience; people not having available classes or classes that may possibly help them with their career in the future etc., Voting for Prop 15 will benefit the students here. It will allow more money to flow into our communities in order to help us get the materials we need in order to succeed. – X.A (Augustus Hawkins Scholar)

People should support Schools and Communities First because school is the second home for most students. School is where most students spend all their time and create quality relationships. So why put anything else first if this is the place students are most?–Kamiah Guy (Crenshaw High School)

We should vote yes on Prop 15 because our schools have been underfunded for years. Prop 15 would give schools the chance to improve the conditions that low income communities face everyday. It’s important for us to vote because lower income schools aren’t getting the education they need. Books are out of date, and there’s more substitutes than real teachers!—Malcolm McKay (Crenshaw High School)

In my four years of high school, there has been a massive lack of resources that have affected my ability to thrive at school. There aren’t enough textbooks, or the pages are old and torn out. We don’t have a printer, so I can’t get study materials. And there isn’t the proper equipment to help students if they’re hurt at school. At best, you get a paper towel with a couple pieces of ice. —-Aidan Flores (Crenshaw High School)

I believe that Prop 15 is important because our schools aren’t getting enough support. Teachers often have to spend their own money on things that are needed. The staff work so hard, but still don’t get the help they need. Our class books and chairs are broken and the restrooms don’t hardly work.–-Roman Clarkson (Crenshaw High School)

I support Prop 15 because I support putting money back into schools. We need money for resources. The books we are given are outdated, pages are ripped and the books are drawn in. Also the teachers have to go out their pockets to buy supplies and they are underpaid to begin with.–-Zuri

I believe in Prop 15 because of my own personal experience of getting hurt at school. The school didn’t have the necessary supplies like band-aids and proper ice packs. My community has had an experience with a lack of funding in school and a lack of healthcare. Most schools in our area have a nurse only 2-3 days a week, and even then the nurse isn’t high trained. We can make sure that Prop 15 passes by making sure adults hear our voice. If adults hear enough students talking about passing Prop 15 they will take it seriously and they’ll make the change.–-Nandi Azania (Hamilton High School)

I support Prop 15 because we need resources to have a better education. We’re not asking for much, just the basics. We need books, teachers, and the right subjects and clubs so that we can go to college just like everybody else.--Janiah Chapman (Crenshaw High School)

Schools and Communities First is important because it prioritizes education and the future of youth. A Lot of students leave school because they feel there’s nothing there for them. It’s true in a way, the schools we go to barely have enough to help us get to college or get a good career. Passing Schools and Communities First is telling us that education is important and that all students deserve a good school and a good education.–-Kareema Thomas

Prop 15 is important to me because the money that our schools need can finally pay for basic materials. The teachers struggle to teach with the materials they have, and the students can’t continue to learn that way. Other schools also have the resources to make school fun, like having field trips and college tours. I hope that Prop 15 can give us this opportunity too.–-B’Yond Taylor (Crenshaw High School)

I support Proposition 15 because a great education should be a human right, not one that is reserved for the rich and wealthy. Black and Brown youth have disproportionately suffered from the lack of resources in our schools, and in turn have been relegated to a sub par education. Prop 15 ends this once and for all. —-Kamarie Brown (Crenshaw High School)

I think Prop 15 should pass due to the lack of resources, like updated and quality books, computers, and funding for a new curriculum. We should support Prop 15 because most schools I’ve been to or heard of have only 2 counselors to service over 600 students! America claims we are its future but yet they barely give us a proper and well deserved education.–-Xandra Caceras Arana

It’s not fair that corporations aren’t paying their fair share of taxes. It’s hurting our education and making our schools have the bare minimum of resources. If we don’t pass Prop 15, it’s just saying that this is ok. It is not!–-Jaiden Guy (Crenshaw High School)

Our schools are falling apart. They are dirty and not very well maintained. It feels like our education isn’t being prioritized because the state doesn’t care for our communities as much as it cares for higher income communities. They care more about keeping corporations happy. Prop 15 can change that and help fix those problems.-–Kamren Johnson 

If education is the key to the future, then Prop 15 makes sure that’s really true. Our schools are so underfunded that I have to go to a school far from where I live just to get a better chance at a good education. If there were resources in my own neighborhood school I wouldn’t have to do all that. Schools should be well funded and resourced in every community, regardless of the zip code.–-Jose Ortiz (Animo City of Champions)

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