The Pandemic Brings a Different Lens to National Working Moms Day

12 Mar The Pandemic Brings a Different Lens to National Working Moms Day

By Marsha Mitchell | Communications Director

Malik Henry | Communications Coordinator

Since Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel, mothers have been nurturing, innovating, cultivating, and making it happen for their families. National Working Moms Day (March 12) recognizes the mothers who never stop working to provide security for their families. 

“During the past 24 months, women risked their lives to keep our families safe, supported, and fed as they kept our City afloat as frontline workers and caregivers,” said Alberto Retana, CEO of Community Coalition. “It is paramount that they are made a top priority in Los Angeles’ recovery efforts.”

One year into the pandemic, working moms are still trying to juggle it all

Unlike past years, National Working Moms Day continues to carry added burdens this year. Forbes reported that women were reducing their working hours at a rate four to five times greater than men, presumably to manage households where everything from daycare, school, elder care, and remote work all take place under the same roof. Additionally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that 2.3 million women left the workforce between the start of the pandemic and January 2021. Four million six hundred thirty-seven thousand payroll jobs employing women were lost since the pandemic began in the U.S. alone (Source: BLS). Of those jobs lost, about one-third of women aged 25-44 cited that childcare was the reason for that unemployment. 

Community Coalition’s member leader Joy Stallworth shared her story about being laid off and rent-burdened during these challenging times.

CoCo Member Joy Stallworth – TODAY Show

Many working moms decided to become entrepreneurs when the pandemic hit. Chandra Davis is a mom originally from Houston, Texas, who started her business, The Fusion Queen, after quitting her job at a rug company during the pandemic where she was working. The Fusion Queen provides healthy food options to the community via its pop-ups, and also wellness services. 

Amina Embande is a working mother of five from Los Angeles and the owner of Goddess of Vegan. This healthy catering business has provided vegan alternatives for Mexican, African, and Indian dish options. When asked why she felt it was essential to provide our community with healthy food options rather than going to fast-food chains, Amina said. “The food is prepared with love, and there’s good energy and intention put into the preparation. Right now, we are going through so much where we need prayers and mother’s love over our food.”

And Louisiana native, who has fostered three children for ten years, Zoe Guillory had this advice for mothers who may have been laid off or those who simply want to work for themselves, “The first thing step out on faith. But, then, you have to step away from having that fear and trust yourself.”

Zoe’s Vintique currently sits on the corner of Pico and Redondo Blvds but was previously located in the West Adams area of Los Angeles. The “Vintique” specializes in vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces. 

This National Working Moms Day may look different for some, but the need for recognition and celebration of all working mothers remains the same. Shout out yourself with a selfie or post a pic of your favorite working mom using #NationalWorkingMomsDay!

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