ICYMI: Poetry & Storytelling Night

16 May ICYMI: Poetry & Storytelling Night

On May 13, 2023, Community Coalition hosted the South LA Is Still Home: Poetry and Storytelling Night. A space for South Los Angeles residents to experience poetry and storytelling while uplifting the stories of what makes South LA home and why we need to fight to keep our people housed and safe. This night was designed to celebrate the people, memories, culture, families, and community love that make a neighborhood a HOME. 

The South LA Is Still Home Art Exhibit is open now to the public through May 20th. The exhibit will feature installations that illustrate how Black and Brown communities, families, and students have been disproportionately affected by housing and homelessness. The exhibition is being curated to uplift the stories of South LA residents who have not only suffered from systemic inequalities but who have also empowered themselves to create material change for themselves and their community. Schedule a Private Tour HERE.

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